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Got my dress.

January 27th, 2007 at 06:50 pm

We got my wedding dress today! Well, put the deposit down anyway. Mom and Grandma went with me. This was the third place we went to, and the third time I've been back there. I didn't expect to order it today as I had wanted to go to another store to try on a dress in my size that this place didn't have in the proper size. I'd kept going back to this dress when I looked at the pictures. It has a sweetheart neckline with lacy beaded wide straps, but they can make them detachable. We looked at it with veils, and when Mom suggested we put down a deposit, I said, OK. It's beautiful, accents and minimizes where I need it, and I feel comfortable in it. So I decided, it doesn't matter what the other dress looks like. I like this one and no one else is going to see the other one. I've been thinking about this dress since I first tried it on. It was $875, but that will include the alterations. Mom's paying, and she was expecting to spend a lot more. Now to find a veil, and all that other stuff. Yay!

5 Responses to “Got my dress.”

  1. threebeansalad Says:


  2. Amber Says:

    awesome, you'll have to show us pics when you get it

  3. paigu Says:

    Beautiful ^^

  4. mariannej Says:

    Yes, we want to see a picture! Smile Isn't planning the wedding so much fun? I loved doing ours...so much so that I really thought about being a wedding planner, but decided on hygiene school instead. Hmm...wedding planning is alot more fun...what was I thinking?! *LOL*

  5. mairgrif Says:

    MarianneJ - Being a dental hygenist will provide you a more stable income, with regular hours and much less frustration. Smile

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