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The most expensive pet

November 27th, 2006 at 04:16 pm

My future sister in law has a saying - free pets are the most expensive. As a vet, she gets many clients who are bewildered at the care expenses they need to pay for the pet they "got for free".

I have paid for none of my current animals (the cats that is), all but one were found outside our apartment. For the permanent 3, my half of their food and care averages $75/month. For the kittens, between the endless vet visits for the one we found at 10days old, and their voracious appetites, I almost don't want to know how much they are costing us. I want to know to have some idea. On the other hand, it won't change things - they found us for a reason, we're caring for them, and the money is going to healthcare and food, not toys or other luxuries.

It does hurt though sometimes when I think of where that money could go otherwise. If it were my choice, there'd be two felines, not five. But G-d decided otherwise, and I'm trusting his reasons. I just wish they came with monthly stipends.

Broadway Tix

November 25th, 2006 at 03:24 pm

Since I wrote yesterday about the influence this site has had on me, I feel I must divulge my other purchase this week - two tickets to A Chorus Line for my parents. My sister will be contributing part of the money, but I currently have a $239.50 charge sitting on my debit card. Why would I spend this much? Well, my mother was watching this show in July of 1977 when NYC had a citywide blackout. They went home, I was born 9 months later Smile, and she never got to see the rest of the show before it closed in the early 90's. The first thing I thought of when I heard it was opening was that I'd love to get tickets for her and my stepfather to see it. He agreed, in fact said she's mentioned it twice!, and Amanda (little sis) agreed to chip in. So, we got them good seats, and hence, I now have said charge. I feel however, that it is worth it. I usually don't spend more than $40 on each, and given how much they are willingly spending on my wedding next year, it's only fair. Lately, I've been feeling the non-material value is more important than the material, and this to me has a high 'non-material' value. It's not 'stuff' but something they are going to enjoy and remember. That, to me is the point of giving.

Under my skin

November 24th, 2006 at 08:10 pm

OK, this site, more to the point, these blogs, are getting under my skin. I went out this morning to see the Black Friday deals b/c my little sister wanted to go. I was picky, way more critical of the prices, and impatient of stores with long lines, as in, I didn't feel it was worth it to wait on them. I only picked up two pairs of sweatpants and a glove and scarf set, both of which were reasonably priced to begin with, and marked down. When one of the sweatpants turned out to not be discounted, I said, well, then I don't want it! A lot of what I looked at, I thought to myself, yes, but I can probably get one at a thrift store, I just have to find one. I'm still willing to spend way more on things that I'm sure many others are, but I do see an improvement.
The biggest influence, I have to say, has been reading LRJohnson's blog. Seeing how little she spends, and how much she gets for her money has been such a big inspiration. Thanks everyone!


November 22nd, 2006 at 03:31 pm

I hate this time of year fiscally. I have been going over my budgeted amount in several categories. I am going to reexamine my grocery category, and writing down all expenditures. I get an extra check this month, so I'm going to reconcile receipts with the SO, set my transfer acct straight, stare at the pitiful amt I have left, and divy that up. Frown

My other goal for the next 5.5weeks (yes, that's really all that's left in the year)is to block gym time into the schedule, oh and in the meantime, also meet with photographers, DJs and florists for our rapidly approaching wedding.

There are days when I really want to just run off to Vegas with the honey. Smile

Here we go, once again.

November 12th, 2006 at 04:00 pm

My mother had a thought the other day, which she was so kind to mention to me today. Now, two months after we've booked my wedding reception for 200 people, and they've put a downpayment on it, she suddenly had the idea that we could have had a small wedding, and then they'd have given us money towards a dp on a house.

She claimed, after I just about went postal on her, that I never mentioned anything about wanting a smaller wedding. So, my reluctance to book such a big place, and my squeamishness at the large # of guests she added to our guest list didn't give it away!!!!???? No, I did not outright say "why don't we have a smaller wedding, and then you can give us the rest of the money for a dp." I thought it would be rather rude to suggest that if it costs less than they budgeted, that they just give us the extra money. Sigh. I had such a hard time coming to terms with having a large wedding, it was a real struggle. But I had made my peace. But, now that's just been reopened, and I have to work on putting it back once again. There are times when I really hate money.

Kitten Mania

November 4th, 2006 at 07:38 pm

AAAAHHHHH! They are everywhere. In September, we found a 10day old kitten on our balcony. We've had to bottle feed her, and she had multiple visits to the vet due to an eye infection, and not wanting to poop on her own. So, she's now almost 8wks old, almost off the bottle. Hey, we can finally get some peace. Nope, Thursday, fiance comes home to find a momma with three kittens, and it's going down to 30deg.F that night. He catches two, and has guilt about not getting the other one. He bundles them off to a foster. Next day, catches the third. Its too late to bring him to the lady that night, so he goes to the vet this morning for a check up with the intention of handing off later to the same rescue woman. Well, our vet says the rescue is so overloaded and the cats keep passing infections around. Sigh. So for now, we're fostering him. Problem is, he's cute, and all black. He's healthy so far, 1.5lbs, and probably close to the same age our little Siren is now. We already had three cats, two of whom are outside rescues. AAAHHH, we don't need two more! Or more after that. Kittens need to stay away. In the summer, we'd leave them with mom b/c they can survive outside, but in the winter, it's just cruel to leave them if they can be caught. We'd love to catch and spay mom, but she won't be caught.

The problem is that they get expensive. We don't want more cats. More cats = more expenses. We want a house, and to pay for a wedding, and save up for kids. ARGH!

So, part of my part time job money will now be going to the kitten fund. I can still fund the wedding acct, and build up the rest of my savings, it will just take a bit longer on the savings. At least the fiance and I are on the same page, and he's not out trying to save the feline world while I'm trying to save our pennies.

Sigh. We're calling this practice for parenthood.