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Kitten Mania

November 4th, 2006 at 07:38 pm

AAAAHHHHH! They are everywhere. In September, we found a 10day old kitten on our balcony. We've had to bottle feed her, and she had multiple visits to the vet due to an eye infection, and not wanting to poop on her own. So, she's now almost 8wks old, almost off the bottle. Hey, we can finally get some peace. Nope, Thursday, fiance comes home to find a momma with three kittens, and it's going down to 30deg.F that night. He catches two, and has guilt about not getting the other one. He bundles them off to a foster. Next day, catches the third. Its too late to bring him to the lady that night, so he goes to the vet this morning for a check up with the intention of handing off later to the same rescue woman. Well, our vet says the rescue is so overloaded and the cats keep passing infections around. Sigh. So for now, we're fostering him. Problem is, he's cute, and all black. He's healthy so far, 1.5lbs, and probably close to the same age our little Siren is now. We already had three cats, two of whom are outside rescues. AAAHHH, we don't need two more! Or more after that. Kittens need to stay away. In the summer, we'd leave them with mom b/c they can survive outside, but in the winter, it's just cruel to leave them if they can be caught. We'd love to catch and spay mom, but she won't be caught.

The problem is that they get expensive. We don't want more cats. More cats = more expenses. We want a house, and to pay for a wedding, and save up for kids. ARGH!

So, part of my part time job money will now be going to the kitten fund. I can still fund the wedding acct, and build up the rest of my savings, it will just take a bit longer on the savings. At least the fiance and I are on the same page, and he's not out trying to save the feline world while I'm trying to save our pennies.

Sigh. We're calling this practice for parenthood.

5 Responses to “Kitten Mania”

  1. janh Says:

    We used to laugh and call ourselves the boarding house for dogs. We had one that the owners couldn't keep, then added DD's, then added DIL's....Now DIL's is gone and DD's cat is here. DD is in college now. Believe it or not, she called and asked if she could get another dog. Big NO. It gets expensive and we've run out of room!

  2. sarah Says:

    Have you tried a live trap for Mom. Your local humane society may be able to loan you (or rent) one. They are humane and very effective. I usually bait them with tuna fish. No cat can resist tuna.

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    One dog and two goldfish. I am a sucker for animals. I put nuts out in the winter and bread for the birds. A live trap from the humane society sounds the way to go! Good Luck! Being kind to animals will bring you good fortune!Smile

  4. mairgrif Says:

    In theory, a live trap is great, and we have one. In practice, we've found the cat needs to be trusting enough, and used to getting food. We've just never been able to get her to trust us that much. We might try again, but all previous attempts have been unsuccessful. Plus, we know her by sight, but she's not around every day. We'll see her for several days in a row, then not for a few weeks. I know ultimately, trap-neuter-release is the answer, but it's expensive for one couple to try to do a colony!

  5. Ima saver Says:

    We just rescued a puppy and found it a home. I guess we are all animal lovers on this forum.

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