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Which end is up?

August 9th, 2006 at 07:33 am

Ok, I told you all about my car and job. Here's more, as it's happened fast!

1 - Car is at the shop as we speak. It got a check up from Honda - all good mechanically. It needed a battery, but that's b/c it was exposed for a week while the car sat w/ no hood. Se la vie. The estimate to fix her up is $4500. Wow. She's just shy of 7yo and still worth $8000 according to the adjuster who did the estimate. That's about half what I paid. Cool.

2 - Employment. I got a short term gig at my former employer, whom I'd left in June for the job I got laid off from. I started there the Wednesday after the layoff. And got a call that there was an opening back at the place I got laid off from. After the layoffs, someone resigned in my dept. So they have a replacement opening. I accepted, and I'm starting back next week. I could have started this past Monday but I'm going away the end of the week, so figured why not just start when I come back. All told, with the vacation and the two days between jobs, I'll only lose 5 days pay. Well, a little more b/c I had to go in late three days b/c of the car issues, an interview, and my fiance getting socked with a migrane, so all told, it's a little more, but still not bad. Someone was looking out for me. Smile

With cutting down my budget for August and September, I'll be able to pay everything, and put some money towards my Contingency Fund, which will help with the car.

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